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Splitting git repos with subtree

Short note on how to split big repos into bunch of smaller preserving the history.

Long running tasks wrapped with bash

Quick post about quirks with wrapping long running tasks with bash scripts, namely about terminating child processes.

Drinking with (buffered) channels

Short note about controlling application flow with channels, including buffered ones in case where we have blocking operations to handle.

GoTip #3 – Nil pointer methods handling

A neat way to handle nil pointer methods in Golang. Unicorns included!

Don’t repeat yourself… with setting up!

Contemplations about automating setup scripts and maintaining README files. Short post about something everyone knows but most don’t give a damn.

Vagrant shared folders swamp

An after work story about quirk with disk operations on vagrant shared folder.

Long time…

Notice to all the folks asking me around what’s going on with this blog… or asking if I haven’t been killed in Uruguayan jungles :)

Paranoid Git workflow

Introduce paranoid workflow in your big projects, where devs skill level vary a lot, where there’s frequent rotation or just when you are tired of fixing the build after stupid and untested commits pushed to master.

GoTip #2 – Changing original “self”

Next useful trick from my tricks and tips series. This time about swapping “self” in allocated structures.

Parallelism For The Win!

This post is about how concurrency and parallelism in Go kicks ass of the apps written in Ruby :)